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About Us

EPOC is more than just a technological facility.

It is a catalyst for progress, a nexus for collaboration, and a pathway to the future of photonics and quantum technologies in Scotland and the UK.

By providing access, training, and manufacturing capabilities for next-generation optical coatings to UK industry, we aim to provoke a step-change in achievable product performances, thereby promoting the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

Our commitment to advancing the cutting-edge technology in optical coatings not only caters to the immediate needs of the photonics industry but also anticipates and drives its future direction.

As we expand our capabilities, we will concurrently enable and nurture the growth of emerging technologies, catalysing innovation and collaboration, and fostering the development and implementation of new technological paradigms within the UK photonics and HE sectors.

The challenges posed by costs and specialist expertise, once insurmountable hurdles for individual companies, can now be tackled collectively and effectively, empowering local enterprises to engage more competitively in the global photonics industry.

Born out of rigorous research and development work in gravitational wave detection technology, our expertise stands to revolutionise the UK’s photonics industry, pushing boundaries by offering unprecedented levels of optical performance.

Nestled in the dynamic Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) in Renfrewshire, EPOC is a bastion of technological advancement for UK industry, creating homegrown solutions.

EPOC - Extreme Performance in Optical Coatings - Mission Page Image

We are pioneering an industry-defining transformation by establishing the nation’s first production-ready facility for the manufacture of large-area, high-precision, IBD coatings